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About Union County Fair

The Union County Fair is fun for the whole family! We strive to bring an event filled with entertainment, agriculture, education, arts and crafts, and community togetherness. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the OSU Extension Office, 4-H & FFA advisors and youth, Junior Fairboard, and the Jr. Fair Livestock Committee. In addition to the fair, the Union County fairgrounds hosts community events, entertainment, horse shows, 4-H events, and much more!

About Union County Ag Society

The Union County Agricultural Society has proudly provided a vehicle for farmers young and old to showcase their finest products for 176 years. Our 4-H programs keep growing each year. The Society owes all the success and notoriety to the local merchants, public officials, and the countless volunteers that help make the fair what it is today.

Below, you’ll find detailed information about our society’s leadership, our bylaws, and how you can become a valued member of our organization. Read on to discover how you can get involved and make a difference in our community.

Union County Ag Society Officers

President: Jared Kuhlwein

Vice President: Trent Judy

Secretary: Chris Will

Union County Ag Society Board of Directors

The Board consists of 21 members who serve three year terms. This group works hand in hand with the Officers to promote general improvement, both agricultural and mechanical, together with all industrial interests of the county.

Term Expires November 30, 2024
  • Seat 10: Jared Kuhlwein
  • Seat 16: Open
  • Seat 19: Kyle Burns
  • Seat 20: Jeremy Jenkins
Term Expires November 30, 2026
  • Seat 6: Dexter Coffey
  • Seat 11:  Meg Jenkins
  • Seat 16:  Chriss Will
  • Seat 18: Trent Judy
  • Seat 21: Hunter Tuel
Term Expires November 30, 2025
  • Seat 1:  open
  • Seat 2:  Jeff Medley
  • Seat 3: Michelle Kuhlwein
  • Seat 4: Eric Burns
  • Seat 5:  Michael Medley
  • Seat 7:  Brian Wilson
  • Seat 8:  Andrew Partee
  • Seat 9: Sara Quick
  • Seat 12: Jeff Reidman
  • Seat 13: Jessicca Wells
  • Seat 14: Levi Medley
  • Seat 15: JennaBeth Meade
  • Seat 17: Open

Become a Member of the Union County Agricultural Society!

Joining the Union County Agricultural Society as a member gives you the opportunity to play an active role in our organization. As a member, you will have the right to vote in our board elections, helping to shape the future of our society.

See Membership Rules

Membership Details:

  • To become a member, you must be a resident of Union County.

  • The membership fee is $10.

  • Memberships are on sale until July 27th at 6pm at the Fair Office, located at 845 N Main Street Marysville, OH.

How to Join: To become a member, simply contact our office by phone or email our office manager: secretary@ohiounioncountyfair.com

Union County Agricultural Society Bylaws

The Union County Agricultural Society’s bylaws are a set of rules and regulations that govern our organization. They outline our purpose, structure, and operating procedures, ensuring that we operate in a fair and transparent manner. These bylaws are essential for maintaining the integrity of our society and guiding our decision-making process. We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with our bylaws to better understand how our organization functions.

Meeting Minutes

To obtain meeting minutes, please contact us. Our office can provide you with the necessary information and documents upon request. We value transparency and are committed to providing access to our meeting minutes to interested individuals. Contact us today to request meeting minutes or for any further inquiries.

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