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About Union County Fair

The Union County Fair is fun for the whole family! We strive to bring an event filled with entertainment, agriculture, education, arts and crafts, and community togetherness. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the OSU Extension Office, 4-H & FFA advisors and youth, Junior Fairboard, and the Jr. Fair Livestock Committee. In addition to the fair, the Union County fairgrounds hosts community events, entertainment, horse shows, 4-H events, and much more!

About Union County Ag Society

The Union County Agricultural Society has proudly provided a vehicle for farmers young and old to showcase their finest products for 176 years. Our 4-H programs keep growing each year. The Society owes all the success and notoriety to the local merchants, public officials, and the countless volunteers that help make the fair what it is today.

Board of Directors

Term Expires 2022*

Seat 1: Grant Thomas

Seat 2: Jeff Medley

Seat 3: Michelle Kuhlwein

Seat 4: Eric Burns

Seat 5: Michaela Tuel

Seat 6: John Cook

Seat 7: Brian Wilson

Term Expires 2023

Seat 8: Andrew Partee

Seat 9: Sarah Quick

Seat 10: Jared Kuhlwein

Seat 11: Meg Jenkins

Seat 12: Jeff Reidman

Seat 13: Jen Beth Meade

Seat 14: Jessica Wells

Term Expires 2024

Seat 15: OPEN

Seat 16: OPEN

Seat 17: Valerie Langhirt

Seat 18: Trent Judy

Seat 19: Kyle Burns

Seat 20: Jeremy Jenkins

Seat 21: Levi Medley

Officers of the Society

President: Jared Kuhlwein

Vice President: Trent Judy

Secretary: Jessica Wells

Union County Agricultural Society Meeting Minutes

If you would like to obtain our Union County Agricultural Society Meeting Minutes, please contact us.

Forward Union County

Building campaign for a new 16,000 sq ft multi-purpose building full of amenities!