Ground Rentals

Camping (outside of fair): Includes water and electric hook-up

Building Rentals: Includes restrooms (seasonal) and access to dumpster

Rabbit & Poultry Barn
Merchant I Building
Merchant II Building

***Other rental options available***

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Suitable for events up to 400
Suitable for events up to 200
Suitable for events up to 300
Suitable for events up to 100

Indoor Winter Storage

*2022 Rates Coming Soon

*All items are subject to applicable sales tax
**Toy haulers with items inside will be charged an additional $100 (plus applicable sales tax) per item.

Indoor Winter Storage for Boats, Campers/Rv’s, Cars, Trucks, Trailers** and Motorcycles. This is a ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis for the dates and times listed. Items may be placed into storage AFTER the listed move-in dates pending storage availability. Please call for availability. (Additional $20 fee for late storage.) All items must be picked up on the set dates listed. (The Union County Ag Society is not responsible for items left after the listed pick-up times.)

Overnight Camping

$35 per night for overnight camping at the Union County Fairgrounds!