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Get your camp on! Lindner Camp & Show is coming to Marysville!

Camp registrations open on March 21st at Camps are FREE!

Don’t miss out on:
Hands-on Showmanship
Feeding the Champion Within
Daily Care
Barn Set-Up

View additional information here!

If you have any questions, please email



  1. Create and log in to a YQCA account. Go to and select “Login & Register” from the menu.
  2. If registering a new account, select “Register.” If logging in to a pre-existing account, enter your username and password and select “Submit” to log in. Since YQCA’s website domain has changed, most will need to register for a new account unless they have visited the new website and already registered previously.
  3. When registering a new account, enter your birth date.
  4. Complete registration information for the owner of the account
  5. Retrieve and respond to the email to validate registration and complete parental consent.
  6. Once an account has been created and validated, children can be added. Select “Add Child.”
  7. Complete the registration for your child. Select “Submit” to move on or “Submit & Add Another Child” to add additional children.
  8. Complete “Data Sharing Consent.” If you do not provide data sharing consent, YQCA will not be able to verify their certificates with third-party verification programs (i.e., The Ohio State University Extension, the National Pork Board/Pork Checkoff)
  9. You can use the “Child Dashboard” to view/edit child profiles, add/delete children, as well as add a child/children.
  10. To purchase Instructor-Led Training, go to the home page and select the appropriate Instructor-Led Training Course.
    1. You will want to select the course “2022 LINDNER CAMP & SHOW” held MAY 21st, 2022 at the Union County Fairgrounds in Marysville, Ohio.
  11. Select the user (child/children) who attended the course. Select the participant, state, and training. Enter coupon code or credit/debit card details as needed
  12. Complete the course “Pre-Test” under the “Enrolled Trainings” tab.
  13. Following completion of the training, take the “Post-Training” survey.
  14. Once the instructor has approved your child’s attendance, you may print their certificate. Access your certificate by using the dropdown menu under “Course Certificates.” Select the “+” to see a dropdown on completed courses.
  15. Select the blue button to download/print the certificate.

If you have challenges or issues in printing your child’s/children’s certificates, please contact Additionally, John Heins (the YQCA Instructor at 2022 Lindner Camp & Show) can be reached at